Hemp CBD – Fad, Craze or Here To Stay?

Before continuing on your Hemp CBD educational journey, let’s explore an important question. It’s one of the leading questions I get asked most often as a certified CBD Consultant & Coach. Many people seem to crave information and have questions about Hemp CBD these days and they want to know: “Is Hemp CBD really just a craze or passing trend?” According to Google, Bing and other sources the term fad is defined as “…an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something. This is usually short-lived and without basis in quality; a craze.” Based on the definition above Hemp CBD use is not a fad (global or otherwise). Contrary to some antiquated, puritanical and stigmatized beliefs, Hemp CBD use has never...

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Certified CBD Consultant…what?

Before I answer that question allow me to set the proper tone. I've chosen a very specific niche in the wellness space to focus on. Simply put, I am primarily focused on the history of HEMP CBD through the ages, the use of Hemp CBD in a topical application and the basics of starting a business in the world of Hemp CBD Skincare, an area of the industry that is expected to reach $194B by 2026. This fall, I am also releasing an online course that covers these aspects. Stay tuned for more on that later...  

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