What We Believe - Healthy Body. Happy Life.

Nature's Legacy and Heritage Formulations

Founded by a belief in beautiful, healthy clean living, we've spent countless hours in the pursuit of the world’s most exotic raw ingredients and draw from our family homeopathic formulations with proven records of natural, clean, effective results. Our ingredients are natural and organic and sometimes even kosher and the entire formulas are enhanced with a base Bio-Resonance Frequency encoded from our original music.


Inspired Design

Design beyond aesthetic value holds much deeper meaning to the DIVINA community. We believe that good well-considered design improves our lives, fosters creativity, beauty and innovation. This is why design is always a key component & central to everything we do.

Sustainable. Recyclable. Reusable

The art of clean skincare & beautiful botanicals demands a certain dedication to sourcing ingredients of the purest quality as well as a commitment to a business that reflects our beliefs in eco-sustainability. This is ONE of the reasons we do what we do in the manner that we do it.

Hand-Crafted & Made By Artisans

Behind the DIVINA name is a passionate inclusive group of creatives, artists, designers and craftsmen. Our diversity along with our unwavering commitment to the arts is how we inspire each other and pursue our main goal to craft our heritage-inspired botanical skincare products of the finest quality.