Certified CBD Consultant…what?

Before I answer that question allow me to set the proper tone. I've chosen a very specific niche in the wellness space to focus on. Simply put, I am primarily focused on the history of HEMP CBD through the ages, the use of Hemp CBD in a topical application and the basics of starting a business in the world of Hemp CBD Skincare, an area of the industry that is expected to reach $194B by 2026. First Qtr 2023, I am also releasing an online course that covers these aspects. Stay tuned for more on that later.


Here’s what I don’t do. I am neither a doctor nor a CBD therapist. I am a Certified CBD Consultant, Certified Professional Wellness Coach, Hemp CBD advocate and the author of an introductory guidebook about Hemp CBD for beginners .

The intent and purpose of sharing my knowledge is neither to diagnose or prescribe dosages nor will I ever claim that Hemp CBD cures all ailments, because it doesn’t. If you have questions about whether using Hemp CBD is the right choice for you, you should definitely contact your CBD therapist as well as your medical doctor. Thank you.


Plant-based. Food-Grade. Heritage Formulations. Made by Artists.

Carmen Milagro

Certified CBD Consultant

Founder at DIVINA, Inc.


A Guidebook For Curious Folks

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