My Secret's Not A Secret...

Often times, I am asked “ What’s your secret?

“Secret to what?” I ask.

“Well, you look so good for your age. What’s your secret?”

Ahhh, the old “for your age” thing again.

I have to say, that “for your age” phrase used to bother me much more when I was younger than it does now. Now I just take in stride. Because what really matters is “my secret” that’s not a secret. I simply try to live my best healthy life, without injecting unnecessary pressure into my life or causing stress or anxiety for myself.

I eat as healthy as possible along with taking my vitamin supplements and Hemp CBD tincture.

I take my walks, lift my 3lb weights and use my Hemp CBD muscle serum.

I drink plenty of liquids

I get the rest that my body requires.

I smile at others and seek joy in everything I do.

I intentionally made a decision to age gracefully.

That’s it. To be perfectly honest, it's nice to "look good for my age" but I prefer to feel GREAT at any age! As I always say, “every body” is different, so do and choose what works for you.


Plant-based. Food-Grade. Heritage Formulations. Made by Artists.

Carmen Milagro

Certified CBD Consultant

Founder at DIVINA, Inc.


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