The Why – Part Two

The Why – Part Two

While creating my products and as I began to research different “food ingredients”, I also began to dig deep into the world of Hemp CBD. I was lucky & strategic enough to finagle consultations with some very knowledgeable Hemp CBD experts such as Dr. Raj Gupta. I read everything I could get my hands on with regard to this misunderstood and often villainized medicinal plant that has been used in healing practices for thousands of years on almost every continent. I decided to become an expert on the history of Hemp CBD and then became a Certified CBD Educator.

Many times, I was also reminded through my research, that our skin is the largest of all organs and it stands to reason, that we must be sure to nurture our skin in order to honor our body. In much the same way we’ve returned back to natural, organic and clean food, so should we do the same for our skin. My ancestors, of course, knew this.








Plant-based. Food-Grade. Heritage Formulations. Made by Artists.

Carmen Milagro

Certified CBD Educator

Founder at DIVINA, Inc.


A Guidebook For Curious Folks

E-guidebook available in our "Signature Products" section




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