#3 Buddha Tea ~ Turmeric & Ginger

#3 Buddha Tea ~ Turmeric & Ginger

$ 27.99

Introducing our curated collection by Buddha Teas! We're so obsessed we decided to become a vendor!

TURMERIC & GINGER - For thousands of years turmeric has been widely known to help settle the mind and calm the soul. Combined with the digestion properties of ginger and black pepper, the wellness factor is boosted. Try a cup ~  "Just Brew It"


(1) Box of 18 individually and beautifully packaged tea bags

5mg of water-soluble (see package) per bag and no mind-altering effects.

Buddha Teas, the ONLY tea we drink here at DIVINA.

We hope you'll enjoy your cup as much as we do! Best if used by April 2025