#13 Buddha Tea ~ Chamomille Blend

#13 Buddha Tea ~ Chamomille Blend

$ 27.99

Introducing our curated collection by Buddha Teas! We're so obsessed we decided to become a vendor!

CHAMOMILE BLEND - Chamomile has long been known for its ability to create a sense of calm and relaxation and now this blend has been paired with lemon balm and lavender and the nature's herbal plant. Try a cup. 

"Just Brew It"

(1) Box of 18 individually and beautifully packaged tea bags with

5mg of water-soluble (see package) per bag and no mind-altering effects.

Buddha Teas, the ONLY tea we drink here at DIVINA.

We hope you'll enjoy your cup as much as we do! Best if used by April 2025