Our Founder's Inaugural Post

Hello DIVINA community

I am thoroughly thrilled with your visit. We're so very excited you're here with us and welcome you to our inaugural blog post, The DIVINE, a literary and audio-visual practice born of a desire to educate, inspire and nourish your spirit, even if only a little bit at a time.

We have plans to feature fun and informative interviews with artists and creatives from around the globe whose work we admire. At times, we'll dive deep into a wide range of thoughts covering provocative topics of beauty, art, design and clean living. At other times, not so much. The DIVINE showcases the unrelenting passions and interests of our team and greater community distilled into a series of written musings and informative ideas crafted together with you in mind. We hope you enjoy these literary nuggets as much as much as you enjoy our...

...Plant-based. Food-Grade. Heritage Formulations. Made by Artists.

Carmen Milagro
Certified CBD Educator
Founder at DIVINA, Inc.
A Guidebook For Curious Folks
E-guidebook available in our "Signature Products" section

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