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"Our mission is to empower you to live a healthy & beautiful life." ~
Carmen Milagro
(a Latina-owned company founded in California)
We are on a journey of self-discovery. Gone are the days of the fatigued soul seeking results from just another beauty regimen. The path to a world crafted by our very hands; a world driven by the creative, the passionate and the purposeful. Re-imagined is the art of clean balanced living that begins by sifting through the rich heritage and homeopathic traditions of generations past and elevating them with innovative methods of present and future
DIVINA is a premium skin care brand with products made from the world’s finest exotic raw ingredients and inspired by homeopathic traditions. Our team of artists, designers and craftsmen have spent countless hours in creating formulations that reflect our values and commitment to clean, safe, responsible living. 
Carmen Milagro
Master Certified Wellness & CBD Coach
Certified CBD Consultant (CCBDC) & Founder