2021 The WHY (Part 1)

DEC 2021

The Why – Part One

Welcome back to The DIVINE. Many times I’ve been asked why. Why am I doing what I do? Why is it so important? Why did I start Divina, Inc.? Let’s start at the beginning with the birth of Divina Skincare & Botanicals…

It was after the painful journey of losing my mother to cancer that I figured out my true mission in life. It was her final gift to me and one reason I do this is to honor her, my Abuelita and my ancestors.

While taking care of her on a daily basis, I searched high and low for quality massage and other skincare products that I felt were healthy and safe enough to use on her body to help relieve her pain and relax her muscles. During the day, my goal was to help “Mami” feel comfortable so she could sleep at night.

In the wee hours of the mornings when she would finally fall asleep, I was then wide awake, on edge, sick with worry and compelled to check her breathing every few minutes. It was during those pre-dawn hours as the fond memories of my childhood flooded my heart and emptied out my eyes, that I began playing with ingredients from my mother’s pantry and the garden. My recollections soon lead me to re-invent the home remedies my mother used to make for me when I was a child and I couldn’t sleep or was restless due to growing pains or because I had scraped my knees. These were the same remedies, my “Abuelita” (Grandmother) used to make for my mother using her stone mortar & pestle. My Mami called it a “molino” (other cultures have different names for it). I have this molino now.  It is well over 100 years old and is my treasured family heirloom. Every time I pick up the pestle I see the same hands that belonged to my Abuelita Valentina and my Mami. I am, each time, closer to and inspired by them. This is part of my why.

Plant-based. Food-Grade. Heritage Formulations. Made by Artists.

 Carmen Milagro

Certified CBD Educator

Founder at DIVINA, Inc.


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