Hemp CBD – Fad, Craze or Here To Stay?

Before continuing on your Hemp CBD educational journey, let’s explore an important question. It’s one of the leading questions I get asked most often as a certified CBD Consultant & Coach.

Many people seem to crave information and have questions about Hemp CBD these days and they want to know:

“Is Hemp CBD really just a craze or passing trend?”

According to Google, Bing and other sources the term fad is defined as “…an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something. This is usually short-lived and without basis in quality; a craze.”

Based on the definition above Hemp CBD use is not a fad (global or otherwise). Contrary to some antiquated, puritanical and stigmatized beliefs, Hemp CBD use has never been a fad. Hemp CBD use was never “just a craze” in other parts of the world and its use is not short-lived nor is it without merit. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The fact is, Hemp CBD has been used throughout time and has been documented for ages; as far back as artwork on antiquities found in the cradles of civilizations, from 8-10,000 years ago.

Hemp CBD oil and blended formulations have been around in various countries such as Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean. A great many cultures have practiced the use of herbal remedies, including hemp cbd (as well as cannabis) since the very first healer discovered their medicinal properties.

I think it’s safe to say, Hemp CBD has clearly been established as “mainstream” and not a “fad” globally and it’s been happening in the U.S. in less time than it takes some people to graduate high school. Similarly, like peppermint, lavender or shea butter, Hemp CBD seems to be the new “super” plant found in almost every aspect of our and sometimes, even our pets’ lives.

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